South Carolina Marriage License Information:

To get married in South Carolina you will need a valid South Carolina Marriage license. You can apply for one from any County Probate Court and use it in any county in South Carolina.

Charleston County has made it very easy to apply for your license, you can apply online from out of state and they will will email you your license in a PDF to be printed. You don't need to go to the courthouse in person to apply anymore. There is a 24 hour holding period before they will send it to you. Charleston County marriage licenses don't expire so you can take care of this in advance. 

There are 3 parts to your license, you will get a copy after your ceremony and the other two copies need to be filed with the same court from where you obtained it.

Another great thing about getting one from Charleston County, I will personally hand deliver the two court copies in person to have them recorded. 

If you are going to get your license from a court other than Charleston County you will need to contact them for information about their process. They are all a little different.